Julia O'Gorman
Natural Beauty Therapy and Massage

Hair Removal

Hand Sugaring is offered using a natural sugaring paste, which is even edible and delicious, whereas wax is made from petroleum based resins and chemicals. Sugaring is a natural effective way to remove unwanted hair, less painful because it doesn't adhere to the live skin cells and more effective than wax. There is no chance of burning the delicate areas as the sugar it is applied at body temperature. Hair regrowth will reduce after a few treatments and your skin will feel silky soft due to the gentle exfoliation. Ingrown hairs are no longer a problem as the hair is removed in the direction of the hair growth. With waxing hairs are pulled out against the hair growth which can distort the hair follicle and cause ingrown hairs.

  • Sugaring

    • Brow tidy(with facial $10.00)$25.00
    • Eyebrow re-shape$30.00
    • Lip$20.00
    • Chin$25.00
    • Half leg$45.00
    • Full leg$68.00
    • Underarm or bikinifrom $30.00
    • Brazillianfrom $60.00
  • Mens Sugaring

    • Brows$30.00
    • Back, neck and shouldersfrom $70.00
    • Full leg$70.00
    • Chest$50.00



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