Julia O'Gorman
Natural Beauty Therapy and Massage

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I just want to say a huge thank you to Julia who has not only helped me with my skin issues but my overall wellbeing. I started seeing Julia in July last year, as I had been suffering with severe cystic acne and hormonal imbalance. I was at a very low point in my life and had reduced confidence and self-esteem. To complicate things further I have a pituitary adenoma and was diagnosed with PCOS (Poly Cystic Ovarian Syndrome). With Julias help and guidance we used a combination of regular facial treatments and nutritional support including supplementation, my skin has never looked better.  From a complete diet change to the emotional roller-coaster acne put me through, Julia supported me at each and every step. I have learnt that acne is more than skin deep! I am forever grateful.- Karina Vizor

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I so look forward to my monthly Beauty treatment with Julia. She has helped calm and clear my rosacea and my skin has strengthened immensely. I love the Janesce products they smell devine and that makes me feel so special when applying them. And to know that that perfume is entirely natural is incredible. The Internal Bestow supplements help support my daily skincare regime, also helping with the digestive system. Julia is always offering up advice on different foods to eat or avoid to help with any skin problems I may have. I love that she is continually up skilling to help her clients. Keep up the fantastic work Julia. -Sheryl Beck



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I had been going to Julia just for sugaring (which is amazing) but when we started talking about my skin she said she could defiantly help me as I have always found I had breakouts and never really loved my skin.  I had always been to a franchised clinic spending I don't now how much money and never seeing a difference but within 3 weeks of following Julia's advice on what I should use and monthly facials the difference in my skin is amazing.  I get daily comments on how amazing my skin looks.  Finally I am over the moon with how my skin is looking and this is just the beginning!  Thank you Julia, truly amazing at what you do- Ginny Gore


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The Benefic Facial was a new experience for me.  Afterwards I could see the difference straight away my skin felt absolutely amazing with my "crinkles" plumped out and my skin feeling really smooth and hydrated. Would definitely recommend it, I'm so happy with the results -Barbara Jackson



During the change of seasons last year, I developed a red, itchy type of dermatitis on a conspicuous area on my face.  Being in such a prominent position it made me feel quite self-conscious and uncomfortable.  I raised the issue with Julia who immediately identified it as perioral dermatitis, to be 100% sure she also checked directly with the team at Janesce. 

I was already a regular user of their products, but once diagnosis was confirmed Julia altered my programme to remove all creamy moisturisers and substituted them with Janesce oils.  Within a few weeks the issue cleared up totally and I haven't had a repeat issue since.  Of course, thanks to Julia's expertise, I now know what to do should the dermatitis ever reappear!

Thank you for your support and help Julia. -Kate Hillier



I'm amazed by the results I've seen over our 7 sessions 

Our process consisted of a course of facials on a weekly basis for 7 weeks in which Julia uses a gua sha and herbal compresses, she has made from her own herbal preparations. These reactivate the facial muscles and stimulate lymphatic drainage. Hydration is super-important and I follow Julia's program of soaking and hydrating with the beautiful Janesce plant-based products twice a day, plus either rolling or exercising the face to maintain muscle tone. This takes 10 mins morning and night. Like all natural therapies, there is a process to work with - it's not like taking a pill - or a tuck and lift - and it requires me to be consistent in this routine. I will also see Julia once a month from this point on to further maintain the progress we've made.

Julia's depth and breadth of experience (30 years +) and her eclectic approach to natural beauty therapy gives her a huge knowledge-base and understanding that I have found to be 100% reliable, trustworthy and effective. My face has regained definition after 7 weeks, and I'm hoping I can improve still further over time. I feel very grateful to have found this natural alternative to facial rejuvenation!

- Caro Manins

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